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Anderton's have successfully crashed my capacity as a pedal builder!
This is great news.
In order to get a Fjord Fuzz as quickly as possible, please go through the Anderton's Pre-Order Protocol, found here:

Preorders from Anderton's are currently prioritised and will likely be done in 10-20 days from order date, quite possibly sooner. I work really quickly.
Thank you for checking out Fjord Fuzz!

BIFROST is the delay I always wanted.

I've always found it useful adding a bit of drive at the end of my pedal chain, just before going into the delays and reverbs, so I added a very cool fuzz that takes you from crispy, clean preamp tones, to very heavy and bold fuzz. You can also disengage it completely via internal push button switch.

Furthermore, my favourite trick with delays has always been turning the feedback to max and playing the pitch with the time knob, but this leads to two obvious challenges:

1: the feedback becomes so loud you start worrying about blowing up your amp.
2: you have to actually bend over and fiddle your knobs with your hands.

I fixed both of these issues. The feedback has a hard limiter installed, helping you avoid volume issues, but it also squeezes the repeats in a really cool way. This is important for one very special feature:
I added a secondary feedback knob switchable via foot switch and an expression pedal input for the delay time control. This in turn gives you hands free operation of the UFO crash landings of your dreams, and the limiter squeezes the delays in a way that makes the whole thing sound like some kind of broken theremin. It's amazing.

You can obviously also change the delay time on the fly wether or not you're using self-oscillation or fuzz, and I find it to be a much more musical feature than a tap-tempo module. You have to bend and morph in and out of time and it's a really wonderful thing. It allows you to add faux vibrato, flanger, chorus and whammy effects to whatever you're doing and you never have to actually change the time knob, as its disconnected when you plug in the exp pedal.

So much fun. I expect you to get at least 10 new songs out of this thing.

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