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Time for a new round of "Pedal Of The Month"!

I'm about to release a bunch of quite ambitious pedals and as such, it's time to discontinue HEDDA.
As a last hurrah, I've decided to turn the handful of remaining PCBs into something quite delightful for you.
A treat, if you will.

Everything is getting more and more expensive over here and as such, it's difficult to find really sweet sounding, cheap options and this type of occasion allows me to do my part in spreading the joy of great sounding fuzz without destroying your wallet.

HEDDA [lite] is a single foot switch, high dynamic range fuzz, with external bias and internal switching for optional output boost stages. The boost is borrowed from the CE-1 chorus pedal and sounds magnificent.
Use it to increase your output so that you can make the front end of your amplifier kneal under the glorious thunder, or simply use it to correct the output impedance and allow for better integration with downstream pedals which sometimes don't work so well with vintage style impedances.

It's a sweet little device!
Get it fast as there's not many of these and I don't intend to make any more of them!

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