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KVASIR is discontinued, but I have a few more PCBs ready to go, so I thought I'd add some wild circuit bending to make it even more exciting and here it is!
Added is a secondary momentary feedback switch. Holding it down sends the fuzz into a wildly chaotic mess of synth-like texture and if you keep the pedal first in line, you can play these synthy oscillations with your guitar's onboard controls. The volume and tone controls as well as pickup selectors and phase switches, tap switches, anything you may have on your guitar will all affect the noise. The oscillations are also highly interactive with the knobs on the pedal and as soon as you let go of the secondary foot switch you're back to the normal, glorious fuzz tones of KVASIR.
The fuzz itself is a traditional Fuzz Face type circuit, using low bandwidth, high internal capacitance power transistors for unique fuzz textures. It's unlike silicon, it's unlike germanium. Its own unique tone. Very fun!

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