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KVASIR was the most beautiful and wise man to ever live. Murdered by the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar, his blood was mixed with honey to form the Mead of Poetry, an elixir that would imbue whomever drinks it with wisdom and poetry.

During the development of what was to become BERSERK, I stumbled across a hitherto unexploited component specification: the mighty power transistor. These are usually intended for high voltage switching and power amplification purposes and have quite different characteristics from regular silicon or germanium transistors.

KVASIR is a very simple vintage fuzz circuit perfect for showing off what the power transistor can do. It features a wide ranging bias control as well as a thiccness knob found on many Fjord Fuzz pedals.

There's not much more to it, honestly. I just wanted to package the experience of the power transistors in as transparent a package as possible and give you maximum control over how they operate.

I left all the hiss and weirdness in so you can truly dive into it. The result is a supremely musical fuzzbox with beautiful guitar volume cleanup, amazing lead tone, thick, gooey velcro and much, much more. Go to your favourite music streaming platform to hear it in action as I made a song using it, together with my friend Ruban from Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Have fun!



Useful specs:

Power with 9VDC, centre tip negative. Same as Boss Pedals. Easy.

Current draw is quite high as I'm using logic based relay switching.

Idle: ~10mA

Engaged: ~70mA


KVASIR features all-analogue true bypass relay switching, backlit graphics, top mounted jacks and a real copper control plate. Do not be alarmed if yours has started corroding when you receive it. This only means Earth's atmosphere is still breathable. The control plate can be easily removed if you ever decide you want to clean it. It will start corroding again though, until we reach a post-oxygen society!

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