Note: This is a preorder!

I will build any and all orders coming in and shipping them out at the same time, hopefully within a few weeks from today. I will ship units to retailers first, so everyone gets a MIME at the same time. Thank you so much!



Mime (or Mímir) known for his knowledge and wisdom, was beheaded during the Æsir–Vanir War. Upon his tragic death, Odin brought his severed head home and used it as an oracle.


MIME is a reverb pedal, built using an AI chat bot service.


The AI couldn't figure out how to use the onboard control set, so we wrapped the code into a sweet analogue package to provide you with a full wet/dry mix as well as a feedback control for reverb length.

The secondary foot switch short circuits the feedback to 100% for psychedelic swells, pads and faux amplifier feedback effects.

It's a tiny package packed to the brim with creative features and quirky yet familiar textures.

It sounds similar to a plate reverb, but with hints of springiness at the tail of the trail, but it’s also uniquely its own thing, created by the whatever sum of huan knowledge was avaialable to the chatbot at the time and the semantics with which it put it all together.


Power with a regular 9VDC 2.1mm center tip negative power supply, same as used on standard BOSS pedals. Make sure you have 200mA available with high quality, filtered power.

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