ODIN takes one of the best octave-up fuzz circuit designs of all time, strips away all the fluff and over-engineering and leaves you with a simple, yet powerful device. Turn it on and you are greeted by a wonderful, saggy, yet open and carefully compressed fuzztone, not too dissimilar from a Fuzz Face. ODIN is much louder, more mids-forward, less compressed and just a joy to work with. It also cleans up really nicely, but not as abruptly as you would expect from a Fuzz Face type pedal.

Click ODIN into octave mode with the secondary foot switch and you now have an absolutely exquisite octave fuzz roaring from your speakers.
It’s really loud and it’s tuned to let your guitar jump out of any mix without getting too pointy or harsh.
The two fuzzes are entirely discrete designs within the box, making switching between them a seamless experience, not usually something you’ll find with this type of circuit. Making the two channels independent also made it possible for me to choose components to specifically suit each side, leaving you with a highly tuned, user-friendly device.
ODIN does not like being placed after wahs, but buffers seem to be mostly fine.

Only feed it 9VDC centre tip negative and expect it to draw about 250mA of current worst case scenario.

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Fjord Fuzz Odin

Rolf on 3rd Jan 2022

I got my Odin (and Bifrost) in December and love it. The sound is great - or better: the sounds are great. It quickly became my go-to fuzz, and as Daniel puts it on his website: I am also one of many who tried to love the classical smiley-kind fuzz faces. I do like them, but Fjord Fuzz just takes it miles further down the road. They look cool, and about the Odin, I love the combination of simplicity on one hand and versatility on the other hand. This is a very powerful fuzz, and the octave part of the Odin is also very cool. Service is also great. These pedals appear very sturdy and I suppose that you are unlikely to ever need technical help, but in case you do, my experience is that you will get support very quickly. Something can always happen, indeed this happened to my one and Daniel obviously takes pride in making his customers happy by helping out quickly. Full recommendation by all aspects!